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Social Media Advertising on mac devices

Why Plum Media

Plum Media has a wealth of retail marketing experience and has been operating since 1996. We run Social Media campaigns for Products, Services and Events for local and national clients. We often design and produce media for clients across TV, Radio, Press and Social Media achieving outstanding results through an integrated look and feel across all their advertising. 

Social Media Advertising on an iphone.

Targeted Advertising

Over 15 Million Australians use Facebook and Instagram.

You need targeted advertising that reaches your potential customers.

You need creative advertising that encourages people to click to your website.

You Can’t afford not to use social media advertising.

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Social Media Advertising on an iphone.

Get results

Whether you are selling a product or service or promoting an event, club or message, social media advertising gets results!

Target specific people based on location, age, gender, profession, interests,income and even what type of phone or tablet they use.

Continually refine your target audience with detailed statistics on who is clicking your ad.

Social Media Advertising on an iphone.

From $1100 a month


. Target Audience Research.

. Ad Design.

. Monitoring.

. Monthly Report.

* Min 3 month campaign.