Importance of advertising in tough times!

In difficult times advertising is even more important. You need to fight for the customers that are out there and if your competitors are reducing their advertising there will be less competition in the advertising space. With fewer advertisers in the market media companies like TV networks, Radio Networks and Newspapers are more likely to be offering deals so you will be effectively getting more bang for your buck if you continue to advertise

Research has shown that businesses that continue to advertise when times are tough, such as in a recession, showed much higher growth than their competitors did once times improved. They were the ones that people remembered when they decided to buy again.

Importance in Advertising

Canberra has a relatively large transient population with many people coming and going each year. People need to be reminded who you are and what you do or sell. Give them a reason to come to you. Tell them why you are the best choice? The initial reaction of retailers in particular during tough time is to discount. Every shop has is offering 20-30-40-50% off. The trouble is when you start discounting you end up reducing your GP and your competitors will match you anyway. You need to advertise the benefits of your business or look at value adding or bundling products. Having quality information like videos on your website explaining your products or services helps potential customers choose you over your competitors.

Television advertising especially when backed up by other media such as radio, print and web is considered to be the most effective form of advertising. It reaches more people for longer periods of time and can be targeted by placing ads in demographically relevant programs. Most people still spend up to 20% of their waking time watching TV and they see advertised brands and products as more credible. It is also the only medium where consumers both hear and see your product or service giving a more effective sensory appeal. They’re also usually in a relaxed and open state of mind ready to be entertained and learn new things. Television advertising works, in terms of increases in sales and building your brand name.

We can provide you with packages that include affordable airtime and production. We look at careful placement of your advertising so it gets to the more of the right people. There’s no point in buying large volumes of on air spots if they don’t fall when the right people are watching. Fewer ads placed carefully can have a much greater effect on your bottom line.

Television advertising is surprisingly affordable, particularly at the moment with the networks offering some great deals. Contact us now for a free quote.

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