Does your website have great content?

Search engines, likes rich media content and new or updated content.
People don’t like reading. They would rather watch a video. (Just look at the success of YouTube). There are more than a billion visitors to YouTube each month and well over 6 billion videos are viewed. There are also over 100 hours of video uploaded every minute and all of these figures are set to increase exponentially in the near future.

A picture says a thousand words…A properly produced video says even more.

You wouldn’t put a hand drawn sign on the front of your premises so why would you put a poorly produced video about your business on online. You need video content that is professional produced with high quality video, audio and graphics. Just as important is having videos that are effective in getting a message across, whether it is explaining a product or service or providing training or information. A properly designed and produced video is critically important to how your customers judge your business.

We can help create great video and image content for your site. We can also host it for you on YouTube and other dedicated video servers.

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